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Celebrities and fitness business!

A list of Bollywood stars takes a plunge into fitness regimes besides surgeries. Because it is the healthiest ways to churn and burn out that fat. Who doesn’t want to look sexy? It is not just the B-town down south all the entertaining stars are pretty much inclined to fitness centres despite having a do gym at home, why?


No gain without pain!

Celebrity artists like dancers, singers, theatre artists, directors, actors, actresses and you name it, all have a day’s date saved in their dairy for fitness. The villain in the Indian movies should always keep up to the roles despite having lesser screen time. The effort and a chiselled body need a fine fitness trainer and quality exercises under the guidance.

Fitness doesn’t only constrain to gym equipment, celebrities are exploring many nook ways to stay fitter and look younger than they ever were. Whether it is weight training, Tae Kwon Do, Zumba, dancing, cardio or hardcore gyming, all are accessible in the fitness centres as a part of the revolution. This games for celebrity participation and thus can promote fitness brands to a far wider audience.

The celebrity lifestyle is a big influence on their audience and fans. Besides, who doesn’t want to look young with less money? Celebrities have brand endorsements with fitness centres and motivate people thereof to maintain a healthier lifestyle.



Tiger and Hrithik spill beans on their passion for fitness:

One such healthcare or fitness spree platforms collaborated with Hrithik and Tiger Shroff to share their passion for fitness.

“We consider our celebrities to be our evangelists. Hrithik, Tiger and our team together have designed, developed and customised the workout modules of HRX and PROWL respectively. The idea of developing these workout is to ensure access to our customers to experience the high, intense and effective workouts of respective celebrities closer to the comfort of their home,” Ankit Nagori, Co-Founder of

Hrithik shares his deal of love for fitness, “It simply means being happy.  Feeling the joy of being functionally strong and agile, to be able to discover new skills with your body, being able to breathe deep and feel the life force and peace and excitement of just being – to be so much a part of nature that the mere thought of chemical crutches like cigarettes and drugs automatically seem unnatural and unwanted”.

We cannot underestimate Tiger’s love for high energy and intense workouts, as he launches his own gym, “It wasn’t a business decision. The gym which we’ve named MMA Matrix — MMA is Mixed Martial Arts — came about because of the constant questions I was asked about health and fitness,” explains Tiger.



Fitness centres encourage you to dispose of the blocks and carry a healthier mind and body. The biggest advantage is they help you invest your money on yourself, by making you use your time and money efficiently.


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