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Eight easy rules to lose post pregnancy weight

Lose Post Pregnancy Weight

Losing post-pregnancy weight is easy peasy if you simply follow what Raageshwari Loomba Swaroop did. The actor, singer and motivational speaker, now a mom at 42, had no difficulties with weight loss. Here she shares some fun and sprightly tips on how we can lose weight without a gym, a trainer and without a baby sitter, chef, house carer and chauffeur.

Rule 1:

Love your belly.

Give yourself a pat every morning, that you have delivered a healthy baby.

It’s all about first valuing yourself and loving your beautiful belly that was home for the baby for 9 months. The rest will follow.

Rule 2:

Be brave.

Now let go of the baby sitter, chef, house carer and chauffeur.

Trust me, you don’t need them as much as you think. Liberate yourself, bond with your baby, hubby and home. And of course you will see a dramatic weight loss.

Rule 3:

Walk like a soldier with the pram.

Remember you have no chauffeur!! Walk to the grocery store. Walk to the baby medical center. Walk to the salon. Walk to your best friend. Just keep walking and don’t give up. Keep thinking of amazing legs, a firm butt and of course a soldier’s stamina. A 30-mins ‘soldier pram stroll’ will help you lose 150 calories.

Rule 4:

Hurt the dirt.

Become the cool ‘Mom with a Bucket.’ Vacuum your own home for those sculpted arms, not to mention the sumo squats if mopping the tiled floors.

Rule 5:

Baby gym.

A serious workout may not be right for you immediately after delivery. (I could not exercise for six months after my C-section as my daughter Samaya was a breech baby) But the baby gym workout rocks. This exercise regime is for the real superwomen!


Do this as you stroll the pram. The ladies who stare? They actually want to be you.

Pogo jumps:

Holding the baby. They love it if you make the pogo sound.

Sumo squats:

Do this one holding the baby, speak some Japanese and watch their wonder.

Donkey kicks:

Of course make the sound. It will entertain you and her. Now lay the baby down and get on all fours above her. Kick one leg to the rear and slowly return to the starting position. Repeat with the opposite leg.


Lay the baby next to you , now lie face-down on the ground with your arms outstretched in front of you. Lift your arms, legs and torso off the ground. Focus on squeezing your glutes throughout and fly like a superwoman.

Yoga baby:

Babies love yoga. The soft changes and the stillness of postures gets them intrigued. I do a yoga class with my baby tied up on me. Simply avoid all forward bending ones.

Rule 6:

Eat Eat Eat.

Don’t diet and confuse your intelligent body. It has a great plan to shed the weight. Athletes don’t diet , they eat well and exercise. Keep healthy snacks around you, so you don’t slip. Keep sipping on lemon water and fresh orange juice to keep your appetite in control. Have useful calories such as cheese, milk, yoghurt, meats, veggies, fruits.


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