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A major guide for fasting on alternative days!


Keto diet & intermittent fasting are all super worthy diet routines to lose weight easily. It includes a variety of fasting. There is advanced fasting i.e. Modified alternate-day fasting. This type of diet promotes weight loss, fat burn and detoxifying the entire body to a degree.

Further, it adds to your health in many ways, such as lowering the risks of Type 2 diabetes, heart diseases and more. This article takes you through a detailed ascription of intermittent or alternate-day fasting (ADF).



How to do an alternate day fast?

As famous as liquid diet, the most common alternative diet to cheat days is ADF. If you think you’re likely to fast the entire week with such regressive diet mind it can lead to health complications.

The primary idea of this diet is to eat any high-calorie food as much as you want the very next day. As the body detoxifies once you start intermittent fasting and thus promote a healthy metabolism.


You’re allowed to consume liquids. More the liquids, the better the day! You can consume beverages such as tea, coffee with less sugar, or unsweetened sugar & water.

Expert dieticians & doctors have conducted research on ADF (Alternate Day Fasting) & concluded that 500 calories are sufficient on the fasting day.

Here comes the health & weight-loss benefits, it is more sustainable. A yearlong study stated that 500 calories are a sufficient margin for an average obese person to rely on.  However, the modified version of ADF seems more reliable and beneficial.



The weight loss benefit:

Studies tell that the normal ADF is no more effective as the human body is programmed to sustain itself & add more calories the very next day. Thus, making it seem there is no major difference between the normal days & on the days you fast.

Note that ADF can help obese people reduce by 3-8% within a window of 2-12 weeks.

If your everyday consumption is balanced and you are not consuming anything extra besides your normal appetite in low quantities, ADF makes no superior difference here.

But the splendid news here is ADF is very effective in losing belly fat.



ADF adds many benefits to the body, such as reducing weight, detoxifying your body on a liquid diet. Indirectly, making healthier room for heart and liver.

If you combine ADF with the right amount or brief exercise with small physical activity, you can speed up the process of weight loss. ADF is effective when you subject the calorie count to 500.

If you are counting on ADF, make sure you consult a dietician in case of any abnormalities. This diet scheme specifically holds true and good for obese and overweight people.




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