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Morning Routine To Boost The Digestion & Calm Your Mind

Morning Routine

Many people save their self-care sessions for the weekend, but carving out a little bit of time to tune into your body every day would do no harm.

This isn’t always the case, though. Usually everyone’s morning routine consisted of bolting out of bed and rushing around in a hurry to make it into the office on time—often without taking a moment to breathe. This pace soon will begin to take its toll on the body, and you constantly feel exhausted, stressed, and burnt out.

Rather, you shall start to force yourself to wake up a little earlier to make time for a mindful morning routine, and instead of feeling more tired, this will actually calm you down—big time. It really sets the tone for the rest of the day!

Drink Water

Morning Routine

The first thing to do each morning is drink a large glass of water—sometimes with half a lemon thrown in. Rehydrating after a long night’s sleep is the best way to jump-start the day. The average human body is made up of 65 percent water, and drinking a glass first thing in the morning fuels your brain, hydrates vital organs, and stimulates digestion.

Do Few Gentle Yoga Stretches

Morning Routine

Nothing feels better than treating your body to a few juicy stretches. Since the hips and shoulders are typically super tight when you first wake up, you tend to include poses that gently target these areas, like child’s pose, seated side stretch, and pigeon. Doing so allows one to flow into the day slowly and intentionally. One shall keep the yoga mat rolled up next to their bed, so in the morning you simply lay it on the floor and ease into some gentle movements.

Meditate For 10 to 15 Minutes

Morning Routine

Once you’ve woken up my body with water and gentle movement, you find a comfortable seated position on your bed or on your yoga mat to meditate. You will find that morning meditation comes the easiest for you because your body is already very relaxed. Meditating for even five minutes immediately brings down the stress levels no matter how much is on your to-do list and allows to focus on a positive intention to carry as you jump into work.

Rinse Your Face With Cold Water

Morning Routine

Generally, one should tend to leave the hard-core cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing for bedtime. In the mornings, rinsing with cold water is enough! This simple ritual feels super refreshing and helps get rid of excess oil, improves circulation, and immediately reduces any inflammation or puffiness.

Take A Walk (Without Your Phone)

Morning Routine

Last but not least, one should always spend at least 15 to 30 minutes walking around the neighborhood. It is recommended to leave the phones in your pockets for emergency purposes and spend your time simply enjoying your surroundings. Mindful walks, especially in the early morning when the neighborhood is a little quieter have a way of stimulating all the senses. You will surely find that they lift your spirits for the day ahead, too.



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