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Tune Inwards!


Ever seen a person working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 12 months a year? Well, here is a queen who is all up 24*7 to keep you alive. Take heart for heart, don’t pressurize her, learn to pace yourself down in the unknown world. Our bodies are designed to comfort themselves during the time of excess stress and anxiety. It contains hormones that set the body to adjust to the stimulus by not resorting to shock which often results in cardiac arrest.

Thanks to the so-called soul creator of this body!

He has designed the body to face the adverse effects that are subjected to a difficult environment.

Go down on your knees and bow to the queen. Your queen deserves special attention or least to say, Care. Take that sponge bob- square pants  to work out his brains and muscles, to keep the queen happy. Understanding your body and then pushing its limits with higher resistance, this could help you sustain through tough times (Surgery, underweight, starvation).

Roll up your sleeves. . .

“Happiness is a choice”. Learn to stay happy often, for those who are sensitive to the reception of comments, a negative comment can surely stress them at different levels. Learn to understand what to accept and what to dismiss. This could keep your little sensitive yet hard-working queen healthy.

Turn laziness to power workouts.

  • When you roll your day with a powerful workout there is a sense of satisfaction and subconsciously you end up having a deep sleep.

  • Hit that stereo pot and dance your heart out. Or spend time with pets. They’re the greatest stress busters of all time. They’re true antidepressants.
  • A morning jog is a wake-up call. Initially, it could get tough with low stamina, as you pace up every day, it only becomes better. (caution: please do not overdo anything that goes against your body in one day, this, in turn, could stress your heart). Staying in a sound body creates a sound mind. A healthy mind can give way for positive outcomes.

Diet is the main part of the play.

Balance out the indulgences and healthy eats. Your body needs to maintain immunity levels and health too. Enjoy a range of nutritious food.


  • Meditation taps the subconscious levels and helps you breathe properly by leaving behind the stress. 

  • You don’t have to go down to the deeper knowledge of spirituality but relax yourselves and just concentrate on breathing patterns. You could club your meditation with good cosmic music to increase the frequency of meditation. You would become systematic from within and ward off laziness from your life.
  • Meditation brings a sense of awareness by helping you be mindful (being in the present) and thus you function more efficient in your work, relationships and responsibilities.

The best aspect is you would turn to be positive person. 


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