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Ways To Lose Flabs Before Your Friend’s Wedding

With your best friend’s wedding around the corner, are you finding it difficult to lose the flab off your waist? Let’s check out what the 2-Week Blitz diet has to offer. Gaining momentum and hype in the UK, the 2-Week Blitz diet recommends about 75 minutes of exercise five times a week if you are planning to lose weight in about two weeks. You can take up to two days of rest but sugar and consuming alcohol is a no-no. On a typical day, you can get in to do 10-24 minutes of cardio followed by weight exercises of about 3 sets of 5x. For better results repeat the cardio and three sets twice more. In the end, you can finish with the ab crunches.

The 2-Week Blitz diet includes

Breakfast – Muesli and a smoothie or a fruit

Lunch – Salad or fruit with fish or chicken. You can also have some sauteed or boiled veggies.

Snacks – Fruit and nuts

Dinner – Chicken stir fry or veggies

The diet also suggests that you should refrain from consuming more than two cups of coffee throughout the day and drink lots of water for immediate results. Opinionating, whether this diet is suitable for Indian women, Naini Setelvad, Nutritionist, Health for you, Mumbai, says, “This diet is not suitable for the Indian climate and palate. We are used to whole grain with a meal, and it is very difficult for an Indian to substitute grain for potato or corn. We like to have a lot of herbs and spices – which are also required daily. We would also need more vegetarian protein options. In India, we eat protein, the natural way with Vitamin C (for example, our dals always have kokum or tomato in them). Our meals are already rather scientific.We should stick to familiar foods if we want to make healthy food a part of our daily life.”


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