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The most important word that everyone needs to be aware of. Medically, it is one such critical and unsinkable word that belongs to the medical dictionary. Light that torch and be aware of the risks that Carcinogen brings you.


What is Carcinogen?


Basically, unlike the complete understanding, it is a substance that leads to cancer. It could increase the risk of cancer. There are various means through which Carcinogen can get through your body and destroy your DNA structure. It comes in the form of virus, radiation, lifestyle patterns, etc. So there are various means of carcinogens entering your body directly or indirectly.


According to research, cancer is caused by the accumulation of mutations. Various factors that either increase or decrease these mutations could possibly count the risk of cancer.


What is a Mutation?

It is a way your DNA structure distorts, as it negates the original structure. The potential outbreaks of cancer are possible through the nutrient food that we consume. The carcinogens and mutagens contribute to cancer cells causing it to increase.


Types of Carcinogen:


  1. Tobacco

  • As we all know that this is the major open killer. The stats have hit the peak and turning the medical face to advance more cancer treatments.
  • This, in turn, pollutes the air causing severe diseases and breaking the epidemic in small children too as they breathe in the same air.  
  • Every person should breathe Tobacco-free-air.

  • The severity of the situation includes stroke and coronary heart diseases.


  1. Radon


  • This is one particular carcinogen you might not be aware of but instead living with.
  • This, in small quantities, is harmless, however, if this gas builds up in large amounts indoors and you end up breathing the same air, it is quite dangerous.
  • As per the periodic table chart, this noble gas belongs to the radioactive element whose atomic number is 86.
  • Ideally, this occurs after the radioactive decay, especially soils and rock.
  • Such radioactive colourless gas should be far away from the civilians’ atmosphere.


  1. Crispy, Brown foods


  • The famous crispy potatoes that you share when deep fried could yield a poisonous gas, acrylamide.
  • As a “rule of thumb”, people should aim for a golden yellow color or lighter when frying, roasting, baking or roasting starchy foods.

  • Too Much consumption of fast food leads you to cancer.
  • Bring down indulgence.


  1. Alcohol


  • Tread lightly
  • This won’t stop even if one screams their lungs out.
  • This particular carcinogen could lead to several organ failures in the body and could be the most deadly.
  • It could lead to Breast, Liver, Esophageal, pancreas, #Cancer etc.


  1. Pollution


  • Adding to the already existing problems we have the most harmful one not just leading to cancer but driving and draining your health with relatively dangerous diseases such as cancer.
  • Apart from the automobile and industrial exhaust, there are much more injurious particles and metal solvents in the air.
  • You cannot avoid pollution, here is what you can do, you can stop contributing to it.
  • One of the investigation reports, lately brought to our awareness that could strand you. According to the EPA “Environmental Protection Agency”, it has been suppressing the reports of the effects that pollutants ratio, aiding to the chemical industries.


You might look who is benefiting and who is losing. Help yourselves out. Be aware and alert, that will bring you a ton of relief while life will at least keep your health in place.


It is not these agents alone that contribute to the carcinogenic build up but even constant exposure to the harmful UV radiation to the sun and Viruses.

Now second deadly disease that could spring through is a virus. This includes Hepatitis B and C virus majorly affecting Africa and Asia. This particular disease targets and affects the liver. The risk with this disease is it could either lie on the less severity level of the infection or in the chronic end. This disease could be transmitted through mucosal exposure to infected blood and various body fluids.

Carcinogens have identically taken seats all around us. Our fate is in our hands. Like our Tony stark lays out with his attitude “We create our own Demons”.


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