you should do before and after Yoga | Foods to eat before and after Yoga

What you should do before and after Yoga

before and after Yoga

We often think that Yoga doesn’t need a warm-up. Sure, it may not need stretching or jogging, but it does need certain practices to be followed if you want to get maximum benefits out of your yoga routine. From the ideal time of eating pre- and post-yoga, to when you may need to consult a therapist, following is the list of What you should do before and after Yoga.

Before the practice:

Clean your surroundings

Yoga should be done on an empty stomach or light stomach

Yoga should be performed in a calm and quiet atmosphere

Consume honey in luke-warm water if you feel weak

Bladder and bowel should be empty before you start

Use a mattress, yoga mat, durrie, or folded blanket

Wear light and comfortable cotton clothes

After the practice:

Have a bath after 20-30 mins of yoga.

Eat after a gap of 20-30 mins of yoga.



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