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Is diabetes an open scout for welcoming COVID – 19? 
  Many precautions are in place in order to avoid the risk of infection — from disinfecting surfaces to washing
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 Why do people develop lifelong immunity only for certain diseases? 
There are some people born with natural strong immunity towards certain diseases. This immunity to them lasts a lifetime. If
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Prevent heart diseases – Women’s health diaries!  
There are various factors why heart diseases arise. Many heart conditions including coronary heart diseases are more clear in women.
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You’re more likely to contact COVID from youngsters! 
Since the younger lot of the population is on the constant move more than the elders, they can contract corona
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Probiotics prevent depression!  
If you are one person who is facing bouts of depression for reasons unknown, visit this article for clearing it.
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The 15 Best Protein Sources for Vegans and Vegetarians
 The main criteria of people do not just stay fit but to stay fit the healthier way without making use
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COVID 19 vaccination is still in the initial phase with many countries! 
The question has been looming around the masses ever since the deadly virus taking the lives of the civilians across
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 Why is washing hands so important? 
Beware of the germs that are not visible by the naked eyes! How important is it to wash with care?
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7 power health benefits of dark chocolate, this season!
Did you know that the cocoa fields have poverty problems? Well! You can just help by eating more! Here are
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COVID – 19 screens the weakness in the food system! 
Can the virus spread through the air? How long will the virus last for? How to build the immune system
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