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Addiction is one of the common terms used these days very commonly. The inter-dependencies and its traits are quite fogged
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Tick-Tock! Save the Memory clock!
Could be sweet memories or bitter. Do you know the cache that helps you find your search cookies in the
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Tune Inwards!
  Ever seen a person working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 12 months a year? Well,
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Carcinogen!   The most important word that everyone needs to be aware of. Medically, it is one such critical and
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A Chronic Death
Temptations can often lead you to unbalanced eating habits. Serious diseases such as diabetes, irregular blood sugar levels, fatty liver
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Flawless SKIN
Maintain flawless skin!   Skin is the largest organ in our body. The three steps everyone should follow religiously to
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Cervix in Stake!
Don’t let that huge neck-collar bring your spirits down enjoy the comfort zone and relax those muscles below your chin
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Depression- The cleansing process
  This is often misconstrued with mood swings with the corresponding situations. The term is quite a multiplex and misunderstood
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Tips to reduce headache!
Clinching those fists to ease the headache? Know this : There are two types of headache Episodic – These occur
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When our little King met the little Queen!
Take heart to treat your heart well.   The anatomy of the human body is so interesting to study the
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