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COVID -19 treatment lead to physical & mental consequences!
Across the countries, the governments are taking legible steps to curtail the spread of COVID – 19. The government had
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WHO claims that vegetarians are least affected by corona!
 The latest spokesperson from WHO has faced many international criticisms to the liable information that is coming out. The fact
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5 cheese recipes to try out during lock down!
The one thing we would never think of growing up from is cheese! It is a delicate flavoursome that needs
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 Sara Ali Khan’s clear-cut story of weight loss journey.
​”Nobody wants to see a 96-kilo lead actress,” she opened up in an interview, expressing her views on career and
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A protein body to detect severe COVID- 19 cases! 
The past couple of weeks have been an ardent journey in researching the cause and effect of microbodies in our
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10 cool summer tips for immunity! 
Schools out! Streets down! Pollution-free environment, but yet the summer heatwaves can boggle down your energy. Well, this is the
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5 powerful tips for glowing skin during lockdown! 
Are you ignoring the fact that it is summertime and your skin acutely needs more attention? Is the lockdown bothering
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5 powerful sleeping tips to overcome pandemic mares!
Sleep is the first behavioural pattern to get affected if you’re deeply stressed or worn out in the mind and
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Will air pollution boost COVID – 19 intensity?
From Italy’s Milan to China’s Wuhan, the coronavirus lockdown restriction has reduced the overall pollution. As per the restrictions by
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Temperature checks fail to filter corona patients!
Procedures have so far accounted and segregated corona patients, but have they precisely done it? The study and analysis in
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