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New biomarkers may help detect brain injury faster
Researchers have identified inflammatory biomarkers which can be used to develop a test that can help detect whether the brain
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Things That Can Cause Heartburn & You Should Avoid
You are meeting your school friends after a long time. All excited and pepped up, you go to the famous
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New smartphone app offers non-invasive test for diabetics
British scientists have developed a new smartphone app that can help measure and monitor blood glucose levels without using a
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All You Need To Know About The Cervical spondylitis
My fingers started tingling and my neck would feel stiff all the time. I ignored it at first, pretending it
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Are You Suffering From Hypothyroid? Then, This Is For You
Your thyroid gland controls the metabolism of your body. To stimulate your thyroid, your pituitary gland releases a hormone known
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Find Out The Ways To Push Sleep Apnea Into Deep Slumber
Do you suffer from loud snoring during sleep or excessive tiredness, lethargy, and drowsiness through the day in spite of
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Should Know About These Foods, Which Are A Bummer For Your Bones
Although heredity plays a large role in the onset of Osteoporosis, poor nutrition comes a close second. While almost everyone
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Want to fight stress? Wear this wristband that beats like heart
A wearable device that delivers heartbeat-like vibrations onto the inside of the wrist can significantly reduce stress, a new study
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Exposure to diesel pollution may damage your heart
People exposed to particulate matter (PM) emitted mainly from diesel used in vehicles may be at greater risk of developing
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Marijuana may up psychosis risk in teenagers: Study
Daily consumption of marijuana may increase an adolescent’s risk of having recurrent psychotic-like experiences by 159 per cent, according to
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