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Decoded: What happens to your brain during hypnosis?
When the brain is affected by hypnosis — a trance-like state with focused attention and reduced peripheral awareness — it
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Beauty business loses its allure with GST
Just when the beauty industry was getting back on track after demonetisation, the announcement of 28 per cent GST (Goods
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Turmeric, The Natural Remedy of The Century
There’s a lot of exciting buzz around turmeric these days, and there’s plenty of good reason for it. Hidden deep
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What Are Good Breakfasts For A Dieter?
Most parents would never send their children off to school without a healthy breakfast, but they don’t think twice about
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What You Should Eat & What You Should Avoid If You Are Suffering From Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)
A healthy lifestyle involves many choices. Exercise and eating right is always top-most on that list. As every disease condition
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Your Thyroid Will Thank You If You Do This On A Regular Basis
Last year I hit 40, the big four-zero, and a lot of things started to change for me. I felt
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What Are the Negative Effects of Potato Chips On Our Health?
Chips are an inexpensive, tasty and easily available snack, but the toll they take on your body may not be
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Skipping Meals Makes You GAIN Weight: Study
Skipping meals, especially breakfast, can actually lead to weight gain. Some dieters choose to skip meals to save calories, thinking
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Diabetes Risk
Eat Home-Made Food To Reduce Diabetes Risk: Study
Eating meals prepared at home may reduce the risk of developing type-2 diabetes, a recent study reveals. Eating fast food from restaurants is associated
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Try some tomato juice When You Don’t Enjoy The Flight Meal!!
The next time you take a flight, plan to drink some tomato juice as researchers have found that in noisy situations
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