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Diabetic Heart Disease
Get More Aware Of Diabetes-Heart Disease Link
With diabetes on the rise, doctors are extremely concerned about associated risks such as heart disease and stroke, which together
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About Meditation
All You Need To Know About Meditation
The practice of meditation has been around for several millennia. Although there are no recorded texts which would point exactly
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Build Healthy Bones
You can make your bones live after you
Rahul Sharma (name changed) teaches at Delhi University today thanks to a bone donor. He had lost a part of
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Summers Make Us Moody
Why summers make us moody
Uncomfortably hot temperatures may make people moody and less likely to be helpful or prosocial, a study suggests. “(The) ambient
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H1N1 bigger killer than dengue and malaria in Maharashtra
The H1N1 influenza virus which entered the list of infectious diseases with a global pandemic in 2009, has overtaken dengue
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Healthy Habits
Give up these habits
6 everyday habits that seem healthy but do more harm than good: Drinking more than 8 glasses of water daily:
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older fathers are smarter
Why children of older fathers are smarter, more successful
Sons of older fathers are more intelligent, more focused on their interests and less concerned about fitting in, characteristics typically
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high decibels
Why no noise about high decibels?
While the poor air quality in Delhi has pushed authorities to at least announce some action plans, the government seems
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Beat a Cold or Flu Fast
8 ways to stop getting sick and heal faster
Isn’t it an interesting fact that the human body is beautifully designed to heal on its own? It is actually
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Treat Sweaty Hands
10 ways to treat sweaty hands and feet
Summer is here and for those who have a problem of sweaty hands and feet, it is a challenging time.
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