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Eating Habits
Do Your Eating Habits Go Away When You Are At Your Workplace?
Most of the city’s young professionals lead fast paced sedentary lives packing in too many things in a day. With
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bizarre things ancients
6 bizarre things ancients used to prevent pregnancy
There was an age when condoms and hormonal contraception weren’t even imagined yet. People based contraception on hit and trial,
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It’s not just your lungs that are losing out to pollution
Is there a link between pollution and autoimmune diseases? Researchers from AIIMS plan to undertake a detailed study in this
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Protect Your Eyes
5 tips to protect your eyes this summer
Summer season can take its toll on your eyes, if you do not take care of them properly. Eye specialists
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healthy weight during pregnancy
Most women don’t have healthy weight during pregnancy
A vast majority of women are not achieving a healthy weight during pregnancy, an Australian study released on Wednesday has
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dying early
Severe pain may increase risk of dying early
Middle-aged adults suffering from severe pain persistently that interferes with daily life may be at an increased risk of dying
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Blood Donation
Mumbai needs more blood donation drives
Despite its 22 million inhabitants, Mumbai has been grappling with the problems faced by blood banks due to scarcity in
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obese children
India has 2nd highest number of obese children in world
India has the second highest number of obese children in the world after China, according to an alarming study which
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Wetting The Bed
Here’s how you can prevent your child from wetting the bed
Children who wet the bed are often ridiculed. Many-a-times, night-time bedwetting continue in children even after the age of five
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Catch Infection By Someone’s Sweat
Can you catch infection by someone’s sweat?
Summer is at its peak; drenching in sweat is no anomaly. In the gyms, playgrounds, or in public transport, you
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