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Ramadan and Diabetes
Ramadan fasting tips for diabetics
The month of Ramadan has begun and if statistics are to be believed, India has the third largest Muslim population in the
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Tart Cherries Juice
Drinking Tart Cherries Juice Reduces Upper Respiratory Tract Symptoms
Drinking juice made from tart cherries reduces upper respiratory tract symptoms associated with marathon running, suggests a research. Post-race sniffles are a common problem among endurance athletes. “Many
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Nagging For Maggi
What To Do When Your Kid Is Nagging For Maggi
So what do you do if your child hankers for noodles, now that Maggi and other brands are under a cloud? Experts say
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Feeling Fit
Being Healthy Is Not Only About Looking Fit But Feeling Fit
Being healthy is not only about looking fit but feeling fit. Here is how you can feel fit. Having good eating
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Obesity may lead to a decreasing lung function, warn doctors
For 63-year-old Kumar Shahani, a weight loss surgery has helped alleviating the risk of pulmonary embolism, a potentially fatal condition
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Antibiotics Is Fast Becoming a Big Killer
Why resistance to antibiotics is fast becoming a big killer
Is antibiotic resistance a threat to surgical outcome? A retrospective study by AIIMS on 100 infants who underwent heart surgeries
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New Zealand Blackcurrants
New Zealand Blackcurrants Are Good For Keeping Us Mentally Young
New Zealand blackcurrants are good for keeping us mentally young and agile, finds a study. The berries help in managing the mental
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Quench The Thirst
Reasons To Stay Hydrated Than To Quench The Thirst!
To beat the blues, declutter the mind and trim that waistline… there are far more reasons to stay hydrated than
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Sitting Mistake At The Office
Are you making this sitting mistake at the office?
Sitting for long has been described numerously as the one big mistake that people make, with experts even putting this
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Memory Loss
Worried About Memory Loss? Go Vegan To Keep It At Bay
A new study has suggested that eating green leafy vegetables can help keep mental abilities sharp. Something as easy as adding
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