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chair pose
Katrina Kaif is nailing this variation of chair pose
New to Instagram, Bollywood sensation Katrina Kaif isn’t new to millions of followers. She dauntlessly flaunted her abs in ‘Baar
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Jaipur Foot
Jaipur foot being displayed in Atlanta
The world-famous Jaipur Foot, which has helped over 16 lakh persons with disabilities around the world, will be displayed at
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Truths About Diabetes
Bitter truths about diabetes awareness
A large community-based study involving over 57,000 adults from 14 States and a Union Territory (Chandigarh) in the country has
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Child-Friendly HIV Drug
Child-friendly HIV drug gets govt. nod
The Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation (CDSCO) has registered the child-friendly HIV drug in oral pellet form, ending months of
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Why Zucchini Should Be A Regular Part Of Your Diet!
Shaped like a cucumber, with the outer skin either dark green or yellow, this vegetable has many health benefits Not many know that the zucchini is also known
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If Flatulence Is A Palpable Cause Of Social Discomfort For You
Embarrassing yet mostly uncontrollable, flatulence is something you try to avoid especially in a public place. While bodily emissions are natural to some
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workout with BFF
Kareena’s intense workout with BFF Amrita will make you go WOW!
Kareena Kapoor Khan is an inspiration for all the new moms who are battling hard to lose weight. The actress
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Allergy and Sneezing
Do You Have Dust Allergy and Sneezing Continuously?
As the rain is winding up, dust and allergens will now gather strength. Here’s how to sneeze-proof your life Once the
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Foods to avoid for a long life
Foods You Should Not Eat If You Want To Live Longer
Here are five to get rid of ASAP Diet soda When it comes to the calorie count, the diet version
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Dealing with Stress
Learn How To Deal With Increasing Stress Level
Thanks to a consistent diet of junk food, stress and not enough time to exercise, a large number of people
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