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Hip fracture
Recovering From a Broken Hip
Hip fractures are among the most common types of broken bones, and once over the age of 65, a broken
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Getting Adequate Calories
Are You Getting Adequate Calories Everyday? Or Are You Getting More Calories Than Your Body Actually Requires? Know Your Diet
Are you getting adequate calories every day? Or are you getting more calories than your body actually requires? Many of
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health initiative
Centre’s new health initiative to train commoners in medical emergencies
Union Health Minister J P Nadda today launched an initiative aimed at training the common man to respond to medical
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UN chief Antonio Guterres
UN chief Antonio Guterres warns of serious clean water shortages by 2050
Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has warned that by 2050 global demand for fresh water is projected to grow by more than
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Once-a-month diabetes treatment
Once-a-month diabetes treatment may replace daily insulin jabs
Scientists, including one of Indian origin, have developed a technology that may provide weeks of glucose control for diabetes with
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Read Food Labels Before Buying
Food Is Not Simple Anymore, Reasons Why You Should Read Food Labels Before Buying
Your ramen has MSG and milk is polluted with detergent.You might not be able to do much there but you
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coffee doesn't trigger diabetes
Drinking coffee doesn’t trigger diabetes or obesity
Maintain your love with coffee as it does not put you at the risk of developing obesity or diabetes, a gene-based study
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Healthy Foods Are Not Good For Your Health
Stop! These Frequently Advertised Healthy Foods Are Not Good For Your Health
We all know that Cheetos aren’t good for you and Snapple is not a superfood. But what about the many foods
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Unhealthy Food Items
Don’t Get Tempted By Frequently Advertised Unhealthy Food Items:
We generally get tempted by frequently advertised food items high in ingredients such as sugar, fat, and salt. We are sharing
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Workout Habits
You May Be Working Out Right, But Eating Wrong: Click To Find Out The Mistake
You may be working out right, but eating wrong. Don’t touch these after exercising What you pop into your mouth immediately
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