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Why take dangerous antibiotics when you can treat the bald cold at home!
Cold and cough does not spare anyone and most of us stock cold medicine at home. Today, we look at
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The nightmare that mouth ulcers are!
A mouth ulcer is the loss or erosion of part of the delicate tissue that lines the inside of the
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Diet diary: Bloating can indicate a more serious medical condition
Water retention or bloating, a common complaint, especially among women, refers to excessive accumulation of fluid in the body. When
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Adding too much salt in food? It may up risk of stroke later in life
Too much salt in adolescents’ diet may adversely affect their blood vessels, increasing the risk for cardiovascular diseases such as
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Johnson & Johnson
Johnson & Johnson ordered to pay $110 million after woman blamed cancer on baby powder
In another health scare, a Missouri jury ordered Johnson & Johnson (J&J) to pay over $110 million to a Virginia
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New way to fight harmful bacteria found
Researchers have cracked the mystery of how our body quickly prevents an infection from spreading uncontrollably during wound healing, an
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Rain rain come again! For now we know how to tackle your bad side!
The summer season before the monsoons is the time of scorching unbearable heat always wishing for a shower to cool
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Still using the normal refined oil? Switch to these super healthy oils to live a longer life
Oils, oils, oils. When it comes to cooking oils, there are oh so many to choose from. Yes, we all
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Smile better with these oral health tips!
Everyone wants to have a great smile which is why good oral hygiene is important! Having poor oral hygiene can
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Don’t let the dark circles steal away your spark!
Dark discoloration of the skin under the eye is mainly referred to as dark circles. It is also known as
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