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Like listening to sad music in a group? It can make you more depressed
Listening to sad music in a group and talking about sad things tend to make people feel more depressed, says
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Sunshine Vitamin, An Unavoidable Member Of The Vitamin Family
Think about vitamin D when you’re catching up on summer rays. It’s sometimes called the “sunshine vitamin” because it’s produced
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Less than 6 hours of sleep
Not sleeping sufficiently? Less than 6 hours of sleep can double death risk
Failing to sleep less than six hours may nearly double the risk of death in people with metabolic syndrome —
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Female Sexual Health
Female Sexual Health – Overview
Sexual health is important for overall emotional and physical well-being of a woman. In the long run, these unmet needs
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belly fat increase the risk of cancer
How can your belly fat increase the risk of cancer? Read on to know
Besides high body mass index (BMI), individuals with increased belly fat may be at a greater risk of developing cancer,
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Addicted To Chocolates
Addicted to chocolates? Here’s why it may be good for your heart
The study showed that men and women who ate one to three servings per month had a 10 percent lower
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Preeclampsia May Increase Stroke
Pregnant mothers, beware! Preeclampsia may increase stroke risk by 6 times
One in ten pregnant women, who suffer preeclampsia — characterised by high blood pressure, swollen feet, ankles and face and
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Why Dieting May Not Help You to Lose Weight?
Why dieting may not help you to lose weight?
Looking to shed those extra kilos through dieting? You may be at a loss, as human bodies tend to compensate
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Cool Shower Tricks You Must Know For Healthy & Beautiful Hair
Do you always have a bad hair day when you shower? Just can’t get those long tresses to lie flat,
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Admirable Body
Want To Have An Admirable Body Like John Abraham? Then This Article Is For You
We all know that protein shakes can help even the tiniest of you gain weight! But, what we don’t know
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