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Hrithik Achieved The Great Body
This is how Hrithik achieved the great body that he has!
Being a person with a sensitive and discriminating taste, Hrithik does not like to give up his favorite foods to
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Deepika Padukone’s Beauty Tips
Deepika Padukone’s Beauty Tips And Fitness Secrets Revealed
Deepika is blessed with a wonderful flawless skin. She, like other actresses, emphasizes on surplus water intake to ensure that
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Side-Effects of Turmeric
Side Effects Of Consuming Too Much Turmeric
Turmeric is a popular yellow spice originating from southern Asia. It’s an essential ingredient in many Indian dishes. It’s also
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Honey and Cinnamon
Honey and Cinnamon: Natural Ingredients for Better Health
Honey and cinnamon are two natural ingredients with multiple health benefits. Some people claim that when these two ingredients are
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Dangerous Habits
Dangerous Habits that Can Damage your Eyes and Vision
As you are aging, your eye health is also deteriorating. Not just this, there are other factors too that are
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Poking isn’t appreciated, not even with ear buds! Keep your children away from ear buds!
Parents, take note! Cotton buds may do more harm than good, say scientists who found that using them can cause
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High BP
High BP now more common in lower-income countries
Three-quarters of the world’s adults with hypertension live in lower and middle-income countries and may lack access to proper care,
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RSS wing has prescription for fair, tall ‘customised’ babies
THREE MONTHS of “shuddhikaran (purification)” for parents, intercourse at a time decided by planetary configurations, complete abstinence after the baby
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Did You Know Drinking Hot Water Is Actually Good For Your Health?
I think that most of us know by now that water is essential to our survival. We’ve probably also all
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Recording yourself while brushing may improve oral health: Study
Recording smartphone video selfies of brushing teeth may help people learn techniques on how to improve their oral health, a
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