5 tips to make your kids drink healthy and stay away from aerated drinks

5 tips to make your kids drink healthy and stay away from aerated drinks

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If you are one of those parents who have children addicted to sugary, aerated drinks then it is better late than never to get them to stop drinking it. Given all the ill effects that such drinks have, it is easy to imagine parents loosing sleep over how to keep there kids away from these damaging products.

It is not a quick fix solution, but taking it easy and being patient will help you to save your kids from further destroying their health. Here’s how –

  1. Stop buying it altogether: Don’t buy, don’t stock aerated drinks. That is the only solution for not having kids to reach for that bottle of soft drink when they are at home. Easy availablity leads to an increase in consumption which needs to be the first thing to be tackled.

  2. Keep alternate options: Stock up the pantry with healthy options so that no one goes thirst. Lemonade, ginger ale, sherbets or making fresh juice from the various real fruits available should be the next move.

  3. Alert them of the disadvantages: Making kids read about the ill effects of such drinks will help the child to understand it better. A visit to your family doctor or getting the dentist to have a chat during one of the regular visits too should help.

  4. Practice what you preach: Remember, kids will notice and repeat your actions, so if you go ban something for the kids, then beware not to have too.
  5. Reward them: Set small milestones of acheivements and praise your kids whenever they achieve their target. Don’t forget to reward them with something that they like.




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