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7 high-calorie foods you need to lose weight

Foods For Weight Loss

Calorie in, calorie out. This weight loss rule can sometimes get so annoying that you start fretting the very mention of the term ‘high-calorie food’. And it goes without saying that any food that comes near to jeopardizing your weight loss plan is outrightly evil. But it is important to understand that calories are an important part of our weight loss journey and should not be frowned upon. Our body requires food with high calories to replenish, refuel and recover. Here are some foods with high-calories that can stimulate weight loss rather than slowing it down:

Unlike what many theories suggest, ghee is actually good fat with extremely nutritious calories. One tablespoon of ghee every day is great for you and its calories will fasten your weight loss journey more than you think.

Another food dissed for its high calories. Bananas are great for weight loss. They work best as both pre-workout and post workout snack. Bananas are essential for anyone and everyone looking for weight loss.

We are often loaded with suggestions when at the supermarket. Skimmed, low fat, fat-free, organic are some common options available for the health freaks within us. However, full fat milk is the best option for those who want to lose weight. As this high-calorie liquid does not only completes your daily protein intake but also gives you good fat that help cut the bad ones.

Many diet plans include egg white omelettes and scrambled eggs but not egg yolks. Egg yolks are loaded with nutrients like vitamin A, K2 and B vitamins. These nutrients help in increasing your metabolic function. If your metabolism increases, you will automatically burn more calories. Hence, let’s not frown at poor old yolk!

Even though many theories suggest that nuts are great for weight loss, there are many which suggest that cashew are bad options as they can lead to weight gain. Nuts of any kind include a lot protein, fiber and fats that are great for those who wish to lose weight. A handful of nuts will work great as a mid-day snack, rather than a cup of low-fat flavoured yoghurt.

Just like milk, there is an array of oil options available in the market. These range from fat-free oil, low-fat oil, no grease oil including our Indian origin oils like mustard, seasame and coconut oil. These all are good options for weight loss and should not be deleted completely as our body is used to these. Sauteed veggies with oils like these to make your weight loss journey less boring!

Homemade peanut butter is a great option for those looking to lose weight. The reason why many theories cut peanut butter from diet charts is because processed peanut butter brings with them unnecessary trans fats and hidden calories that will either slow your weight loss process or stop it completely. Peanut butter is rich in protein and hence great as a weight loss snack.


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