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A Little Kajuspeak

To keep your nuts and bolts in the right places you should consider eating kaju!

Cashews! Are you nuts? No, but to keep your nuts and bolts in the right places you should consider eating kaju. But how much? You know, eating kajus will even teach you to stay in touch with your appetite, so let’s just let kaju do all the talking now.


Hey! Thank you for having me in your warm, tropical environment, feels like home. Have almost forgotten that I came here with the Portuguese, I actually feel like native Goan or Konkani now, if you please.

Let me tell you something since you mostly read this for health benefits (weight loss, wink wink). Some of you have been avoiding me in your quest to lose weight. You also believe that eating ‘good quality’ protein is central to weight loss. Now listen, I am a rich source of tryptophan, the same essential amino acid that helps you boost your metabolism and fat-burning. Neurologists also use it to reduce anxiety and depression in patients because of its ability to convert to Niacin (Vit B). Actually, I have all the qualifications of a ‘mood-enhancer’, I mean just look at people who reside with me along the costal belt!

And yes, all you heart disease ‘preventers’ who consume virgin olive oil for ‘good fats’, I am full of Oelic acid, mono unsaturated fat (mufa), which helps you lower triglyceride and bad cholesterol. Now, don’t I qualify as a heart protector?


I am told no one’s gonna eat me just because I am yummy to taste, crunchy and flavourful, but I do stand a chance if I ‘exploit’ my health benefits. So I am hoping I have sold myself to you well. See you in the gut!


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