Summer Foods You Should Never Eat | Avoiding These Foods In Summer

Avoid these foods this summer!

It’s already May and the Indian summer is turning out to be as hot as ever. As mercury levels are on a steep climb, staying fit is going to be your primary concern. It is already too hot and any food that generates further heat inside your body is better to be avoided during the summer months. It is applicable especially in those cities where the temperature rises to close to 40 degree centigrade and more.


Excessive heat is known to put the body under enormous strain causing irritability, lack of concentration, exhaustion and sleeping problem along with a number of other factors. The food and drink that you will be consuming for next couple of months until the monsoon arrives is going to play a vital role to help you go through the heat wave. You are certainly required to cut down your regular food habits by certain degree and replace them with friendly summer foods. What is suggested is, to drink as much water as possible and eat fruits that are cold and also have a lot of water in them that can certainly help to face the heat with better health.


So below is a list of 10 foods that you should avoid in order to stay fit and healthy during summer.


No More Spices. We are certainly fond of rich and spicy food, but it is better to avoid them for at least couple of months during summer. Spices like chili, ginger, pepper, cumin seeds and Cinnamon are body heating as they are found to boost the rate of metabolism considerably and naturally have a thermogenic effect on the body that is pretty strong.

Avoid Non-vegetarian Foods Many non-vegetarian foods like red meat, egg, prawns, squid and crab generate excessive heat and are always better to be avoided during summer. They can also upset your stomach or cause diarrhea draining out a lot of fluids from your body requiring extensive medical treatment.

Avoid Chapati Chapati also known rotis are made of wheat flour which is a primary food in many parts of the country. But as this is not easily digestible and also generates a considerable amount of heat during digestion, its better to avoid them in summer especially during the day time and eat rice instead.

Roasted Foods Roasted foods or tandoori items are extremely popular all over the country, but they are known to generate heat and can create gastric problems during the summer.

Dairy Products Cut down on your daily dairy products intake like milk, cheese, yogurt etc. These foods are heat generating foods and the less they are consumed the better it is during summer.

Oily & Junk Food Burgers, pizzas, French fries and the numerous variety of oily junk food can test your digestive ability and increases the chances of food poisoning.

Ice Creams & Cold Drinks Both ice creams and cold drinks are body warming foods. They can make your stomach feel hotter instead of providing relief from the heat.

Tea & Coffee Both tea and coffee tends to heat-up the body. So it is suggested to avoid it as much as possible in order to stay fit and healthy during summer.

Minimise Intake of Dried Fruits Even though dry fruits are considered extremely healthy, they have a lot of heat. So, it is advisable to minimise the intake of dry fruits during summer.


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