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Ayurvedic treatment and home remedies for women’s health


Menstruation, menopause, obesity, irregular periods, acne, anemia are some of the problems that are commonly faced by women. Here are some natural remedies and ayurvedic herbs that can help prevent and control these problems.


During menstruation or periods you may experience loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, and constipation. Women are recommended to consume mixtures that are available in stores like Sundari kalp forte which aids female reproductive organs and cleans the blood. Ashokarishta is another ayurvedic tonic for heavy bleeding and inflammation.


Have plenty of liquids in your diet – water, soups or fresh juices. But avoid alcohol and smoking. Opt for balanced diet but avoid processed food and fast food. Take a cold shower. Maintain healthy bowel movement.

To prevent and reduce piles, it is recommended to flush out the intestine, drink water and exercise. Avoid constipation with a rich fibre diet.

According to ayurveda, anger, warm showers, colds and sinus problems are some of the reasons for greying hair. You can try Mahabhringaraj oil, an ayurvedic medicine for greying hair. De-stress from your worries and anxieties. Take cold showers too. Cure your cold and sinus

At this point of your life, it is important to have calcium rich food to avoid osteoporosis, exercise daily and have a balanced diet. You can also practice yoga exercises like pranayama and sarbangasana.

Guggulu or Commiphora mukul and Punarnava or Boerhaavia diffusa are two herbs that can help you reduce weight. But it is also important to exercise and follow the right diet to prevent obesity or reduce obesity.

Arth plus, is an ayurvedic medicine for anti-inflammation and cramps. Besides cramps it can prevent joint pain, backache, sprains and arthritis. Rumarhto Gold is another ayurveda treatment for cramps and body pain. Avoid foods that aggravate cramps like pulses. Anger, stress, lack of sleep and lack of water can stimulate cramps. Do not over exercise and go for regular massages. Avoid pungent food too.

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