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Buddha loved to diet

Buddha's Diet

So, it turns out Buddha endorsed dieting too. The one strict gastronomic rule that Lord Buddha prescribed was that monks should avoid what he called “untimely eating.” Specifically, he wanted them to eat only between dawn and noon. Afternoon and evening eating was strictly prohibited. The Buddha didn’t care too much ‘what’ they ate, but he cared a lot about ‘when’ they ate.

The buddha diet

A healthy way to lose weight, Buddha’s Diet is all about intermittent fasting – taking a break from food for a few hours every day. Thanks to readily available food, microwaves, grab-and-go packaged meals, takeaways, drive throughs, snack packs, bulk buying – eating today happens around the clock. This is a lot more harmful than we realise.

Diet basics

The crux of Buddha’s Diet is to confine your eating to 12 hours a day. Don’t worry about changing what you eat or how much you eat – just do it all within 12 hours. Whatever window you choose, make sure you finish your dinner (desserts included) within 12 hours from the start of breakfast. All you need is a timer, a weighing scale, an open mind and endurance for late night hunger pangs.



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