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Can people with diabetes eat mangoes?

Diabetes Diet

Mangoes are a great source of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, fibre, antioxidants and several other nutrients. Pair their nutritious advantages with their sweet, nectary flavour, and they become quite the irresistible fruit, especially when they are in season.

However, people with diabetes often feel they have to completely avoid mangoes owing to the sugar content. This a common misassumption. The main objective of any diabetic diet is to keep blood glucose levels under control. This means that the aim is not to abstain, but to control portion sizes and be aware of the nutrition contents of all foods being consumed.

The good news is that as per global dietary guidelines, people with diabetes can consume about half a small mango or half a cup of chopped mango pieces. Having such a serving twice a week can even prove to be healthy for people with diabetes. Also remember to keep a check on your blood glucose levels regularly. Your blood glucose levels will reflect if you can have mangoes or not, helping you maintain a stronger control over your diet.

Finally, the best way to know is by checking with your doctor. Armed with your blood glucose patterns, visit your doctor to know how much or how less of mangoes can you have, and you may be surprised –you may be able to enjoy mangoes too.


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