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Coconut, peanut and cashewnuts are healthy: Rujuta Diwekar

Celebrity nutritionist, Rujuta Diwekar, is out with her latest video on social media busting yet another myth. This time her target is cholesterol and the big clouds of misunderstandings we have about the foods we eat. Rujuta has spoken about three major Indian super foods: Coconut, cashewnut and peanut.

According to Rujuta, coconut, cashewnuts and peanuts are suitable for consumption for those suffering from excess cholesterol as they do not harm us in any way and only help our body. “To produce cholesterol, you need a liver. Plants don’t have a liver to produce the same.”

Consequently, Rujuta talks about how plants produce phytosterol, a plant form of cholesterol. Consumption of phytosterol helps you regulate the production of cholesterol in your body, making it completely safe for those who suffer with cholesterol problems. Therefore, coconut, cashewnuts and peanuts are harmless as they contain no cholesterol at all.

“We are often told to avoid certain foods which are local to us and we listen to this advice very diligently,” says Rujuta, mocking the million theories which are available to us from all around. Rujuta also gave an example of the same. She said, “We would rather eat almonds, because they come from California, but not eat our local peanut, because it is available in our kitchens.”

Giving another example of our xenophile selves, Rujuta further went on to speak about the famous theory of how wine is ‘meant’ to be great for our heart but coconut, cashewnut and peanut are considered evils for a heart patient. However, this is not true.



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