Fiber From Many Sources Will Help You To Maintain Good Health| Dietary Fiber

Fiber From Many Sources Will Help You To Maintain Good Health

Dietary Fiber


People who get dietary fiber from many sources benefit more than those who limit their intake to a single food or low-fibre diets, new research shows. The recommended amount of dietary fiber per day is 38 grams for men and 25 grams for women. “Men typically get around 18 grams and women get around 15 grams,” said a professor.

Daily fiber intake helps control cholesterol, blood pressure, glucose, insulin and excess weight. It also regulates multiple facets of the digestive system. Two fruits and three vegetables servings a day can help adults get the recommended amount of fiber. “The problem is that when consumers choose fruits or vegetables, it is often low-fibre options such as one piece of lettuce and a thin slice of tomato on a sandwich”.

Instead of looking at only plant-based sources, people should strive for a mix of fiber sources, including fiber that has been added to food in the manufacturing process. Such foods are fibre-fortified bread, cereals, yogurt, and pasta. “A combination of naturally occurring and added fiber can increase the chances of achieving the health benefits of a high-fibre diet,” the authors noted.


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