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Has Cooking Eggs Without The Yolk Become A Standard Practice In Your Household?

Storing Eggs

Egg yolk has been designated a bad name because of its high cholesterol content, which is blamed for weight gain, heart disease, and blood pressure. Here’s a look at the facts about the much-debated egg yolk and whether or not it is actually unhealthy.The health benefits of egg yolk are many. It contains most of the nutrients like Omega-3, Vitamin A, Vitamin B, iron, and potassium. Not only that, it also contains half of the egg’s protein content. Leave out the yolk, and you’re eliminating almost all the goodness that an egg provides.

Dr. Neelanjana Singh, Clinical Nutritionist says that there are multiple studies to support the fact that eggs, when consumed in moderation, are healthy and do not increase the risk of heart disease or cholesterol. The health benefits of egg yolk in providing iron and good fats or DHA, which the body needs are very important. Eggs are protein-rich foods with a high quality of protein that do not raise blood cholesterol levels. “Consuming one egg a day is important for Indians, who are generally short on protein in the diet. Those who have high cholesterol problems can also eat whole eggs five days a week,” says the expert.

Acclaimed dietician Dr. Mansi Chatrath, maintains that whole eggs should be eaten moderately, about five days a week unless there are specific health issues at play, such as elevated cholesterol. In this case, egg whites may be consumed two or three days in a week, and full eggs on the remaining days. Even elderly people need not eliminate eggs from their diet and can stick to eating it twice or thrice a week. On the issue of weight loss, the general opinion that egg yolk is fattening is a myth. “The key to weight loss is moderation, not elimination,” says Dr. Chatrath. If weight loss is the goal, foods such as sugar, fried food, and habits like drinking and smoking need to be cut out of one’s lifestyle.


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