Ten Health Benefits Of Beer That You Didn't Know

Ten Health Benefits Of Beer That You Didn’t Know

There is nothing like kicking back with a cold beer after a hectic day. But alcohol consumption is always associated with a stigma in our society. Not to mention the dreaded beer belly.  Here is some good news for beer lovers. Researches have shown that having beer in moderation has several health benefits.

Read these 10 benefits of beer and enjoy a guilt-free cold one next time.

1. Beer can improve heart health

Consumption of beer could lower the risk of heart diseases. The thinning effect of beer on blood can cut down the chances of clot formation which can cause a blockage in the coronary artery. Beer also has the ability to lower the risk of inflammation which has a potential to cause atherosclerosis.

2. Beer aids in better bowel movement

Beer, as mentioned, has a high amount of soluble fiber. Dark beers like Guinness is a good source of fiber. In fact, a regular bottle of beer accounts for about 20% of the recommended daily dosage of beer.


3. Beer improves eyesight

Researchers at the University of Western Ontario had found out that the right amount of beer can greatly benefit your eyes. Cataracts, a prevalent eye disease, is formed due to damage to the mitochondria in the eys’s outer lens. Beer has certain antioxidants and chemicals which can protect the eyes from mitochondrial damage.

Beware! Too much beer will blurry your vision.

4. Beer might cure cancer one day

Hops which are used as flavoring and stability agents in beer contains Acids called humulones and lupulones. They possess the ability to halt bacterial growth and disease, and scientists hope to find a way to extract these compounds or synthesize them in a lab in order to develop active agents for cancer-treating pharmaceuticals.

5. Beer is rich in vitamins

Moderate amount of beer a day is good for your skin and hair as it contains vitamins that prevent anemia. Beer contains significant amounts of magnesium, selenium, potassium, phosphorus, biotin, and is chock full of B vitamins.



6. Beer helps in improving bone density

Beer is rich in silicon, an element that promotes bone growth. Researchers at Tuft University has found a positive relation between beer and greater bone density. The study suggests that moderate intake of beer may protect your bones whereas heavy drinking may contribute to bone loss.

7. Beer lowers the risk of Kidney stones

A study conducted by National Public Health Institute, Helsinki, Finland, found that beer consumption was inversely associated with risk of kidney stones; each bottle of beer consumed per day was estimated to reduce risk by 40%.
Also, both the water and alcohol found in beer increases urine flow and dilute urine, thereby reducing the risk of stones forming.

8. Beer reduce the risk of Type-2 diabetes

The alcohol content in beer, if consumed in moderation, can lower the risk associated with Type-2 diabetes. There is considerable scientific evidence that alcohol consumption of up to 24 g per day can lower the relative risk of type 2 diabetes by up to 30%.



9. Beer helps in improving mental health

Xanthohumol, an active component of beer, has shown the capacity to fight stress-induced neuronal cell damage. It can protect the brain against neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Consumption of beer releases dopamine, the feel-good chemical, into our brain helping us to feel relaxed.

10. Beer can boost the good cholesterol

Beer has a high amount of fiber, which helps in lowering the levels of LDL cholesterol, which is the bad cholesterol. It also helps in increasing the lipoprotein level in the blood which prevents plaque buildup in arteries.

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