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Health benefits of this quick tasty evening snack!

To some people, a day isn’t complete without munching on a crunchy snack. Unfortunately, most snacks are high in calories and fat – almost devoid of ‘real’ nutrition. One snack that’s a favourite of crunchy snack lovers is corn.

Well, corn is packed with high nutrients which are used for a human body in many ways. It ensures the idyllic functioning of several internal systems such as cell generation and prevents constipation and various other digestive problems. It is a boon for diabetic people. This nutrient-packed starchy snack is low in total fat and has no saturated fat, sodium or cholesterol. It is high in vitamin C and a good source of fibre. Here are a few dishes out of which you can make healthy tasty evening snack:

Corn Chaat Masala

Evening Snacks


Step 1: Boil the corn until it is cooked properly

Step 2: Caramelise the onions, tomatoes in butter

Step 3: Add 1/4th tea spoon of chaat masala, chilly powder, salt and pepper

Step 4: Mix the masala with the boiled corn

Step 5: Squeeze some lemon to it &serve hot

Grilled Corn comb

Evening Snacks


Step 1: Place the corn on top of grill or stove flame

Step 2: Grill it in all direction

Step 3: Add chaat masala to it

Step 4: Squeeze lemon and serve hot!








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