Here’s what happens to body when you don’t eat enough | Skipping Meals

Here’s what happens to body when you don’t eat enough…

Skipping Meals

While there are many shortcomings of excess eating, consuming less food is also an issue. On a daily basis, our body requires certain number of calories to function well. When we go on an extremely monitored diet, depriving our body of essential nutrients, it can turn against us. Following are the signs you need to watch out for if you have been noticing a change in your body pattern:

One major reason of feeling tired or fatigued all the time is intake of fewer calories. Many weight loss plans include eating restricted calories, hence making us eat lesser than our body requires. This leads to our metabolism slowing down and feeling of being tired sets in.

When our body feels hungry in short spans of time, chances are we are consuming lesser food than we actually should be eating. There are plenty of theories which suggest otherwise and how those with fast metabolism may feel hungry more often. However, it is important to understand that when we feel hungry and tired all the time, our body needs more calories than we are actually providing it.

One huge setback of eating less is losing hair. Our hair require proper nutrition to grow and nourish naturally. When we go on vigorous diets and feed our body less food, we tend to start losing hair. Our hair also tend to lose their natural shine.

When we eat less food, our sleep automatically gets affected. Following strict diet plans can lead to disturbed and interrupted sleep. Another major effect of eating less is not waking up fresh in the morning. If you’re waking up feeling tired or lethargic right in the morning, then it’s time for you to include more healthy foods in your diet.

Our brain needs fuel to work. Our body is a well planned machine that works properly only when it gets appropriate nutrients. If we are feeling irritated for no reason at odd times, there is a possibility that our plate is empty. Along with exercise, feeding your body with right amount of foods and liquids will help you get rid of this feeling of agitation.

Feeling cold all the time is a mystery for many. Sometimes, if your body is receiving lesser calories, it tends to decrease your natural body temperature. Therefore, next time you feel cold even when others around you are complaining of sweating, analyse your eating pattern.

Constipation is a major concern for those on weight loss regime or those who have a small appetite. Our body needs enough roughage to produce bulk. If we feed it restricted food, you are more likely to face digestion issues. Thus, it is necessary to have sufficient amount of food to keep your digestive system healthy.

Depression, anxiety and sadness are emotions often felt by those who go on extreme diets. One might end up getting the body they desire, but the feeling of being happy evades you. Other than this, eating foods low in calories can also lead to frequent and extreme changes in mood.


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