Hogging too much junk lately? You are inviting a lot of diseases! | Health Pick

Hogging too much junk lately? You are inviting a lot of diseases!

too much junk food

Do you regularly munch on chips? Are you always in for packaged foods? Well, they may indeed seem tempting, but little does one know about the harmful effects of packaged food items. It is universally acceptable fact that processed foods are easily available and save a lot of time. But there are many dangers of processed foods, which can harm you in the long run. Going by facts, packaged and processed foods are thought to be the main reason that makes you sick. Hence, it becomes necessary to know how processed foods affect health and why you should keep them at bay.


Why are processed foods bad?


Processed foods directly and negatively affect your health. The risk of diseases caused by processed foods is huge. Here are the 9 reasons processed foods make you sick.


High in Sugar


Processed foods are loaded with sugar or high fructose corn syrup and similar other sweeteners. While they make such foods taste awesome, they have truly harmful effects on your body. Studies have shown that sugar and syrups contain empty calories, which when consumed in excess, can severely affect your metabolism. This can not only affect your weight but also increase the risk of heart diseases and diabetes.


Artificial Ingredients


Artificial colours, flavours, food additives and preservatives are used in processed foods to make them attractive and ensure they last for a specific period. However, such artificial substances and chemicals can harm your health in many ways. While they can cause allergic reactions, these substances can produce toxins in the body. This can increase the risk of obesity, heart diseases, digestive problems and other illnesses.


High Refined Carbs


Most processed foods are made from highly refined flours, which is basically simple carbohydrates. Simple carbs are known to cause sudden spikes in blood sugar level and also increases lipids and triglycerides. If continued for long, they can affect insulin levels and increase risk of diabetes and cholesterol problems.


High in Trans fats


Another important point in the list of harmful effects of packaged food items is that they are high in trans-fats. Processed foods are prepared in vegetable oils and hydrogenated fats. These are unhealthy fats, which can severely increase the risk of heart diseases.


Low in Nutrients


While processed foods just taste nice, one of the dangers of processed foods is that they have very little nutritional value. They are very low in key nutrients, which you would normally get from fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains.


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