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Don’t test the soil!


Nor the seedlings!


Please do not check the pollution around the plant you plant.


The climate that could not support your staple vegetation.


Farming involves so many ventures and tremendous work behind those good staple crops. Watering them consistently and keeping those soil moist at all times until the baby saplings grow to be strong enough and yield the necessary vegetation. Ideologically! Traditional farming goes with this drill.



Today, the supply and demand chains have shortened the phase with local farming or in other words micro-farming. It could be a small business tie in between a vendor and a farmer with a small local farm where they grow vivid fruits and vegetables and even raise poultry. Micro-farming is something we would want to look up to when we could derive good crops with organic farming.


Since it is not like the huge fields that grow big yield and hence to do so we aka the farmers inevitably use artificial fertilizers to shorten the span of the yield. Says the quote, “We are what we eat!”. To avoid health risking food raised with hybrid farming, genetically modified food or even the GMO treated plants, micro farming is a feasible yet profound option for the supply of urban areas.

Technically, it should crash the markets of the traditional farmers who farm on the huge acres of land giving room to grow crops that would take more time to yield, thus avoiding the use of artificial fertilizers. The stakes are low and hence this nature-friendly approach would be equity par.

Studies prove from the experts around the world growing micro-farms are subjected to certain challenges and have come forth with beautiful solutions. Now, beautiful by means, nature-friendly. Micro-farming has been technically set in with these challenges: Issues surrounding Hydroponic, Aquaponic and Aeroponic, Greenhouse, Urban gardening and what not.

Also, a multi-tiered garden can avoid greenhouse effect indoors through proper utilization of light. The same goes for Hydroponic crops and other farming ideas. Careful floor planning gives way for better crop rotation.


It is more sensible to make use of modern technology in farming today. Why not? Do always remember the quote that goes without saying, “ You’re what you eat!”.


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