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Rev up your metabolism with these cheats

Rev up your metabolism

Women as they age, need to combat the weight that piles on due to factors like muscle loss, hormones and daily stress. In order to battle unnecessary weight, they need to rev up their slow fat-burning engines. Having foods that boost metabolism, getting adequate sleep and exercising daily is the key.

Mind the quantity of food and calories

Just cutting down on calories drastically is wrong. If you eat less 1,200 calories in day (approximately or most women) your metabolism slows down and your body begins to break down calorie-burning muscle tissue for energy,” says sports nutritionist Deepshikha Agarwal. Experts say that eating just enough through the day (around 150 calories snacks and 430 – calorie meals) will ensure your metabolism is running well.

Jump start your metabolism

Having breakfast jump-starts metabolism and gives you the energy you need. Never skip this meal.

Fight fat with fibre

“Research has found that some fibre in your daily meal can rev up your fat burning process by as much as 30 per cent. Women who have fibre-rich food gain less weigh over time.” says Nupur Krishnan, clinical nutritionist.

Love the proteins

In order to maintain our lean muscle, our bodies need protein. Researchers have found that protein in your meals can up the post meal calorie burn by as much as 35 per cent.

Include calcium in your diet

A marked rise in calcium deficiency is seen in women as they age. It has been found that calcium deficiency could slow down your metabolism. Experts say that having milk that is fat-free and yogurt, cottage cheese etc can help you to increase your metabolism. Fat absorption form other foods is prevented by these milk products.

Alcohol kills metabolism

Your body’s fat-burning ability is reduced by around 73 per cent when you have alcohol. It leads to less burning of fat and also slower burning of fat.


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