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Should you eat salad for breakfast?

salad for breakfast

There has been a lot of discussion on what foods to include for breakfast and surprisingly one of them is borrowing from lunch or dinner. It’s good ol’ salad. While tea, coffee and juice are some of the most popular go-to’s in the morning, salad is till irregular and may take some getting used to. Nutritionists explain why greens work in the first meal of the day…

‘Plant-based foods’

Says Rati Shah, diet specialist, “Breakfast is actually the most important meal of the day and what you eat in the morning can keep you fueled till lunch or mid-afternoon so eat right. Yes, salads work as any plant-based ingredients help prevent illnesses. And who says the salad has to be just leaves? Add pine nuts, chopped tomatoes, dry fruit or even avocado to it, she says.

Nishta Wadhwan also says it’s a good break from the usual, “It helps break free from the bowl of oatmeal or eggs that one normally has. Eating a fiber-rich meal like this also provides apt nutrition to the body.”

Get the base right: Use any leftovers and greens that you have. Brown rice can be an apt base.

Add protein to it: How about adding an egg to the bowl? Other options include chicken and nuts.

The dressing: Salads taste that much nicer with an addition of dressing. Drizzle vinaigrette, honey-chilli or add creamy yoghurt to it. To go citrusy, add orange juice on the top.

Here are a few combinations to try

Boiled egg with walnuts and lettuce.

Strawberries with pepper lime juice and kale

Smoked salmon and arugula with chopped avocado

Baby spinach with apple pomegranate and slices oranges

Poached egg with crumbled feta, pepper, avocado and tomatoes



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