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Snacks Are Often Considered To Be Unhealthy, But This Is Simply A Matter Of Selection

Healthy snacks

Snacks are often considered to be unhealthy, but this is simply a matter of selection. When unprepared, most of us tend to grab the first thing that we see. Usually, this is always an unhealthy snack as junk food is readily available in every nook and corner these days. Eating these junk foods leaves our hearts open to ailments and poor health while increasing our waistlines. But what about healthy, heart-friendly snacks? With the help of Dr. Sheetal – Consultant, Sports Nutritionist and Clinical Dietician, we give you a list of 20 snacks that will not only maintain your heart health but also help you shed extra kilos.

Mushroom egg white omelet

This combination of mushroom and egg white is perfect for your heart health. It is low in calories, delicious and requires not much time to prepare. Hence, it is an all time favorite snack.

Dalia Upma

Dalia Upma is a perfect snack to re-energize yourself because it provides you with valuable fiber, minerals, and vitamins. Just make sure you use less oil and more vegetables to make it more nutritive.

Whole wheat egg white crepes

Made with the mixture of wheat flour, skimmed milk, and egg whites, these whole wheat crepes are perfect for a health conscious person. This snack is blended with taste and nutrients, which makes it an ideal snack option.

Carrot, green peas & brown bread sandwich

This is an easy to prepare sandwich and is a great way to add protein, vitamin A, and fiber to your diet. Add a dash of mayo, some ketchup, boiled carrots, and peas and grill it to make it even more delicious.

Egg white spinach omelet

If you are watching your cholesterol level, and a big fan of eggs but can’t eat them, then this snack is just the thing for you. When spinach is cooked with egg whites, it makes it a perfect calorie cutter snack for the day.

Hara Dhania whole wheat roti

Replace your regular roti with this healthy alternative. The hara dhania or coriander, and whole wheat flour makes it a healthy and yummy snack.

Pudina egg white omelet

This omelet is prepared with a mixture of pudina and egg whites, making it a healthy, low-calorie snack.

Idli Sandwich

A light twist on the popular South Indian snack we all love. For best benefits, prepare this at home with a low-oil and low-salt recipe. Slice the idli and stuff with stir fried vegetables like cabbage or sprouts to make this a healthy snack for your day.

Whole wheat noodles with vegetables and egg white

This is a savory snack, filled with loads of health benefits. Add a variety of vegetables like carrots and green peas to make it healthier.

Chicken breast brown bread sandwich

This is a very easy and time-saving snack for every non-vegetarian. Add a few lettuce leaves and mint chutney to make it delicious and healthy.

Rawa besan masala dosa with sambhar

Replacing regular chutney with sambar, and regular dosa flour with besan fills this snack with protein and antioxidant properties. Overall this snack is also low in calories.

Oats uttapam

An easy way to add oats to your diet. Pair it with some mint chutney to add more taste to it. Use very little oil. Non-vegetarians can even experiment with some shrimps or shredded chicken with egg whites.

Tuna brown bread sandwich

The combination of tuna and brown bread makes this a heart-healthy snack. To make this snack even healthier, use water based tuna and skip the mayo.

Vegetables stuffed mung dal chilla

Inspired by traditional cuisine, this is a great snack with a cup of coffee or tea. Stuff it with a variety of vegetables to make it healthier.


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