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Some Smart Dabba Decisions WIll Make Your Kids’ Lunch Break A Fun & Nutritious Hour

Smart Dabba

Keep it uncomplicated. In India, there’s a tendency to pack a heavy meal, gravy et al. But you would do your kids a whole lot of good if you kept the Tiffin wholesome, but dry. This way, your kid will not fear the lunch break getting a bit too messy. Paneer, cheese, or tuna sandwiches are always a safe bet.

Take your kid into confidence when planning the Tiffin. Take them along to the store and ask them what they would prefer to take to school. Take them to every counter – be it the fruit segment or vegetables or the ready-to-eat packet counter. Listen to what they have to say as that will give you an idea to fulfil the necessary criteria for a healthy, but tasty tiffin.

If you are a working mother, it would be wise to prepare the Tiffin on Sundays. Make a little container of yoghurt or frozen strawberries or salad. Every day take out one container and pack it in the lunchbox. By lunch time, the food will thaw and be ready to be eaten.

During winters, you need to have some warm, spicy food. Heat leftovers like noodles or chicken soup and pack it in a thermos. Likewise, on a hot and stuffy day, pour a milkshake or smoothie in a thermos, or a light tiffin of biscuits, sandwich. Pack a tiffin of raw veggies like carrots, bell peppers, baby corn with a spicy or cheesy dip. Variations in it will keep your kids happy, and also provide them with some health quotient.


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