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The goodness of ghee!

The addition of ghee to your meals reduces the glycaemic index of food. Now I know you went off ghee the minute you were declared diabetic but this is based on reduction of calories without giving a damn about where these calories come from and how they affect your blood sugar levels. PCOD, diabetes and obesity arise out of insulin-resistance and one way of making it better is to eat meals that have a low glycaemic Index (GI).


The reason why there are such combos as dal-chawal-ghee, roti-shakkar-ghee, puran-poli-ghee, modak-ghee, etc., in our culture is that ghee reduces the glycaemic index of these meals. The addition of any fat to food reduces its GI and ghee is brilliant in this regard. The magic of ghee isn’t just that it’s the world’s most high-functioning fat. It’s also that it’s a wonderful partner to other foods, complementing them to work better and harder for us.


So ghee regulates blood sugar and that reduces the risk of developing metabolic syndrome. This ensures that there is a slow, steady rise in blood sugar and better energy levels through the day. Feel that afternoon slump? Add ghee to your lunch. Ghee won’t just help combat diabetes and obesity but it will prevent heart diseases too. And if you are already affected by these conditions, then know that ghee will still come to your rescue.


Deep-frying in ghee also comes from the same wisdom. Making Shankar pala, suhali, mathri or even luchis that use fibre-less maida? How do I enjoy these delicacies without disturbing my blood sugar? Simply deep-fry them and in the best available fatty acid – ghee.


The slow, steady climb in the blood sugar also makes it easy for the body to effectively assimilate the herbs and spices that these meals carry. Also, as a cooking medium, ghee has among the highest smoke points (measure of how quickly a fat oxidizes, or goes bad, when heated).


Do you know that every time you bake or use any other method of robbing your meal of essential fats like ghee, the glycaemic index of your meal stays high? That means faster ageing and pre-disposition to metabolic syndrome. So much for the air fryer.


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