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THIS is the right time to drink coffee!

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Folks who drink their cafe noir first thing in the morning, usually between 8am to 9am , might not be doing the right thing! Or so declares science. Having coffee to kickstart your day does more harm than good when taken at this time and at few other times during the day. Instead, here’s how you should go about your forty weight.

Our body clocks follow a certain circadian rhythm that induces the production of hormones which control your sleepiness and alertness throughout the day. Among these magical chemicals is also produced cortisol, a hormone that controls how awake you feel.

Now, there are times when the cortisol production in your body is at its full-scale and times when it is at its wee. As per science, one must not drink coffee, or any caffeine rather, when the production of cortisol is high. This is because if you do so, your body will not only diminish the effect of coffee but may also develop resistance to the effects of caffeine. This means that the same cuppa will not satisfy you as much as it did before and you will need more and more to reach the same level of buzz.

So when is the cortisol production at its peak in your body? The following time slots, more or less. This is for people who wake up between 6am and 8am.

Rise at 7am to 9am; drop around 9:30am: At this time, the cortisol levels go up by almost 50 per cent. This is known at ‘cortisol awakening response’.

Rise at 12 noon, drop by 1pm: The levels of cortisol keep dropping as compared to morning. This is known as diurnal rhythm.

Rise at 6pm, drop by 7pm: The drop in cortisol by this time is pronounced and is meant to follow a regular sleep pattern.

So, ideally you should be grabbing your coffee between these slots, that is, from 9:30am to 11:30am, from 1:30pm to 5:30pm or post 7 pm.


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