Unhealthy Food Every Day? Today We'll Give You Top Office Lunch Ideas

Why Such Unhealthy Food Every Day? Well, Today We’ll Give You Top Office Lunch Ideas

Office Lunch Ideas

It’s late in the morning in the office; your day’s work neatly lined up in front of you. Phone calls, emails, effort – all come together to make your company more profitable. Then your stomach grumbles, and you realize it’s nearly lunch time. You get your hands on a cup of black coffee or some junk food – anything, no matter how unhealthy. Then your colleague questions you, “Why such unhealthy food every day?” and you have no answer. Well, today we’re giving you options. Here are our top 10 office lunch ideas, which will please your grumbling tummy as well as your basic dietary guidelines.

Peas pulao with carrot raita

A half cup of peas pulao served with 111.4gms of carrot raita is a great alternative to plain boiled rice and accompaniment for any main course, be it vegetarian or meat-based. Peas pulao consists of approximately 168 calories and carrot raita includes approximately 76 calories.

Moong dal khichdi

One plate of moong dal khichdi is a very healthy combination of green moong dal and rice. This is one of the most nutritious rice recipes, which is easy in preparation and tastes great. One plate moong dal khichdi consists of approximately 176 calories and 5.9gms protein.

Lemon rice

Lemon Rice is a delicious dish you can easily put together when in a hurry. You can also make it with leftover rice. One plate of lemon rice consists of approximately 249 calories. Don’t forget to add some greens, and protein to it.

Methi parantha with onion chutney and greens

2-3 methi parathas along with onion chutney is a neat little package, which is healthy, yummy and delicious. 1 paratha includes approximately 170-200 calories. Ensure that it is cooked with little to no oil.

Rice, Sambhar, and curd

2 cups of rice and 1 cup of sambar and curd is an easy, quick and simple dish to make. It is a very healthy and nutritious office lunch. This entire meal consists of approximately 300-500 calories. Ensure that you control the rice portion to less than 60gms and add some vegetables on the side.

Red kidney beans or rajma

Rajma Chawla is the most famous delicacy made with red kidney beans cooked in delicious gravy with hot rice. However, skimp on the white rice when picking this for a working lunch as it might make you feel bloated. 1 cup of 100gms of rajma chawal consists of approximately 110- 150 calories.

Pasta salad

Pasta salad is a dish prepared with one or more types of pasta and often tossed in vinegar oil. It must include fresh vegetables and a simple dressing devoid of any fat and cream. Serving size of 140gms consists of approximately 58 calories, which is a very healthy and simple option for lunch.

Masala poha

One plate of masala poha is a delicious and nutritious option for lunch. It is light and refreshing, yet filling at the same time. Serving size of 193.2gms consists of approximately 360 calories.

Chicken sandwich

Simple yet a very nutritious and stomach filling dish, tossed with lettuce leaves and other greens. One sandwich consists of approximately 300-350 calories.

Chapati, steamed chicken curry and mixed vegetable salad

2 chapatis and 1 cup of steamed chicken curry and mixed vegetable salad is a very filling and sumptuous meal option.  This entire meal consists of approximately 300-400 calories.


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