Diversify Your Food Habits To Stay Healthy In This Summer | Summer Healthy Food

Diversify Your Food Habits To Stay Healthy In This Summer

Summer Healthy Food

Summer is upon us! The mercury level is set to escalate to new highs and together with the high humidity level, most of us are sure to feel the summer’s wrath. With dehydration on the rise and energy levels on the wane, it is extremely important to maintain a diet that includes a number of foods that cool and soothes the system. Here are 10 summer foods for the sweltering heat:



Curd is a perfect summer dessert. Its benefits range from improving body immunity to helping it digest nutrients better. The summer heat can also take a toll on your body, causing a lot of stress. Curd has been known to reduce stress and anxiety. Also, it contains Vitamin E, zinc and phosphorus which are much beneficial to your skin. All these goods make curd the best dessert after the typical heavy Indian meal.

Ice creams

Summer months can suddenly be a lot more fun with ice-creams. Though popular perception is that ice cream isn’t exactly healthy, they are a great source of certain essential minerals and vitamins such as Vitamin A, B, C and E. Though unhealthy saturated fats make up quite a large chunk of this delicacy, thiamine, niacin and the protein cum carbohydrate content make it one of the better summer foods, albeit if consumed in moderation.

Oranges and other citrus fruits

Nothing smells fresher during summers than an orange or other citrus fruits, for that matter. A rich source of potassium and other essential nutrients, oranges can help prevent muscle cramps due to excessive workout in the summer heat. They also contain antioxidants which do your skin a world of good. An orange is 80% water, making it the perfect summer fruit.


Loaded with Vitamin A and C, watermelons and summer season is a match made in heaven. With 90% water content, this fruit acts as a great hydrating agent. In addition, it has very little fat and contains the antioxidant ‘Lycopene’ that aids in the prevention of heart diseases. A glass of watermelon juice everyday can immensely benefit your skin as well.

Green leafy veggies with salads

Summer marks the availability of a variety of green (as well as non-green) vegetables across the Indian markets. So why not make full use of it! Consume as much green vegetables as you can, especially the leafy ones. They are rich in Vitamin A that protects the skin against sun damage. Vegetables such as carrots, spinach, tomatoes, broccoli, radish etc. are super picks as well. However, avoid over cooking them as it might result in the loss of water and other nutrients that they contain. Putting them in your salad is probably the best way to have them.

Coconut water

A refreshing and inexpensive drink, coconut water automatically qualifies as one of the best choices for the scorching summers. It contains simple sugars, necessary minerals and electrolyte properties that help in keeping our PH level intact and the body hydrated, during the summer days. It also contains various bioactive enzymes that help the digestive system of the body. Plus, the potassium present in coconut water helps in balancing out the sodium content in your body. The cooling properties of coconut are another thing that should tilt your preference towards it, all the more.


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