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Nestle Reduces Salt
Nestle to cut salt in Maggi noodles, soup
Packaged food makers Nestle India Ltd have decided increase iron content and decrease salt in Maggi noodles. The company is
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Flax Seeds
Reasons To Include Flax Seeds In Your Diet
They may look innocuous but these small seed-like things are packed with a host of health benefits. Several studies have shown
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Red Meat
A Little Portion Of The Meat Is Good For Those Wanting To Lose Some Weight: Study
Most people think that eating too much of red meat is bad for your heart health in the long run.
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Fantastic replacements for sugar
5 Fantastic replacements for sugar that won’t let you know the difference!
Added sugar (for example sucrose) is one of the worst things you can add to your diet. All added sugar
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Smart Dabba
Some Smart Dabba Decisions WIll Make Your Kids’ Lunch Break A Fun & Nutritious Hour
Keep it uncomplicated. In India, there’s a tendency to pack a heavy meal, gravy et al. But you would do
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Power Salad
Power Salad: A Healthy Diet For A Healthier Life
Foods with really healthy properties are often relegated to being mere side dishes and find themselves out of the mainstream.
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Fruits Or Fruit Juice
Fruits Or Fruit Juice: Which One You Should Go For?
For those on the move, having a fruit juice is easy and not messy as compared to eating fruits. While
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Benefits Of Mousambi
Top Health Benefits Of Mousambi Or Sweet Lime That Will Amaze You
A perfect combination of sweet, juicy and sour, mousambi or sweet lime is a versatile summer fruit that can refresh
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Quit Sugar
You will quit sugar after reading this!
Love to eat a sugar rich diet? Beware, it may fuel various forms of cancer by giving them the much
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liver cancer
5 cups of coffee daily may keep liver cancer at bay
Drinking up to five cups of coffee a day may halve the risk of developing the most common form of
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