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Matcha a healthy choice: Drink this Japanese tea as it improves mood, memory and concentration
With Indian consumers getting more aware and conscious of healthy eating, consumption of green tea, gluten-free products or super foods
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Here’s why some people develop coffee bubble phobia
Some people experience intense aversion and anxiety when they see bubbles in a cup of coffee or the holes in
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Love street food? Beware, you may catch diseases like cholera!
Street food options are always tempting, but be cautious about indulging in it as you may contract gastrointestinal infections. It’s
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Tea lover? Here are some benefits of drinking three different teas
Multiple brands have come up with numerous tea variants ranging from green tea to organic, black, herbal and fruit-based infusions.
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Bollywood’s New Sensation Alia Bhatt Reveals Her Diet Secret!!
Alia Bhatt is known for her stellar performances but these days she is also a role model to a lot
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The Negative Effects of Eating One Meal a Day: Study
There has been a lot of informal debate over whether eating one meal per day is a good weight loss
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Eat walnuts and salmon to fight bowel cancer
Consuming food rich in omega fatty acids such as salmon, walnuts and chia seeds may help boost chances of surviving
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Meet The Hidden Nasties In Your Food
Forsaking chicken tandoori for a ham sandwich in the name of a healthy diet may actually be doing the opposite. In
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Goodness Of The Mangosteen
The Goodness Of The Mangosteen
An exotic tropical fruit, mangosteen is a native of Southeast Asian countries, but nowadays is available in all major supermarkets.
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Healthy Reasons South Indians Eat Curd After Every Meals
I have a South-Indian friend who can’t live without curd! Every meal ends with a bowl of curd/buttermilk. Why do these
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