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How Can I Treat Acne With Carrot Juice?

carrot juice
Troubled by acne? Feeling embarrassed to hang out with your friends because you feel you don’t look ‘presentable’? We understand. Acne can seriously be a mar on your beauty. And if you don’t take immediate care, it might sometimes be too late as well. But then, you don’t have to worry about all that. Because we have an amazing ingredient which can heal acne in a simple and effective way! It is nothing but the humble carrot in your home and its juice! But, how does carrot juice help acne?Wondering what carrot juice contains and how it can give you relief from acne? Read to find out!

Carrot Juice For Acne – How It Works

  1. Vitamin A:

Carrots are one of the richest sources of Vitamin A, which is present in them in the form of beta-carotene. Vitamin A boosts the health of the skin, vision and bones. So, instead of taking your daily dose of pills, why not just gulp a glass of freshly made refreshing carrot juice to pump you up with the various essential nutrients.

  1. Vitamin C:

Carrots are also a good source of Vitamin C, which helps our body produce collagen. Collagen is known to maintain skin elasticity, prevent wrinkles and slow down the aging process. Vitamin C also improves our immunity and helps to fight skin bacteria causing acne.

  1. Potassium:

Carrots contain abundant quantity of potassium. Lack of the same mineral can result in dry skin, acne, and muscle spasms. Having a glass of carrot juice will fulfill your requirement for potassium, which in turn will help in maintaining a healthy electrolyte balance.

  1. Carotenoids:

Carotenoids are the antioxidants present in carrot, which increase skin immunity and glow. One of the carotenoids present in carrot is beta carotene, which prevents skin cell from wear and tear and slows down the aging process.

Daily intake of carrot juice also helps in cleaning your liver. Toxins present in the liver are the main causes of acne and pimples.

Carrot juice is a cheap, natural and harmless way of freeing our skin from acne, blemishes, and pimples.

How To Make Carrot Juice

carrot juice

It is highly recommended to drink the juice on an empty stomach in the morning to detoxify the body efficiently. Refrain from packed juices as there are high chances that they contain artificial harmful flavors and added sugar. Instead, always prepare a fresh glass of juice whenever you intend to have it. You can be a bit adventurous and add a few spices to enhance the taste or just drink it bland. Here is a fun recipe for those of you who want to try a different taste:

Ingredients Needed:

  • 8-10 carrots
  • 1 apple
  • 1 pineapple
  • 1 lemon

Mix all of the given ingredients and strain. Add a little black salt and roasted cumin seed powder. Add some sugar as per preference but keep it minimal.

Word Of Caution

Those with diabetes should not drink carrot juice due to the sugar present in it. Those who might have some allergies from carrot should also refrain from this juice.

And guess what? You can make use of carrot juice without consuming it! Here is how!

Other Uses Of Carrot Juice

Here are some great ways of using carrot:

carrot face mask

Face Mask:

Carrots can be a way to prepare some amazing face mask to treat and prevent acne.

How To Use:

Steam two carrots and mash them evenly. Mix a teaspoon of honey, 2-3 drops of lemon juice and mix it well. Apply the same as face pack for 15 minutes and wash off.

Acne Cap:

So, you are in the middle of an acne breakout and consuming carrot is something you don’t like? Don’t worry! Try Carrot Acne Cap!

How To Use:

Apply the carrot juice on the acne breakouts and see the results yourself. The breakouts will dry soon and vanish.


A clean face is a must if you want to stay acne free. Here’s how you can use carrot juice as a cleanser:

How To Use:

Mix carrot juice and some sea salt and clean your face with the same with gentle circular motions. Repeating this ritual for 20-30 days will help in removing the ugly scars left by the acne.

Isn’t it amazing how a simple product from your fridge can do wonders for your skin? Don’t load your skin with chemicals to treat acne. Try carrot juice for acne scars and become acne free, naturally!


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