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Find Out The Simple Ways To Beat Melasma

Melasma has turned out to be synonymous with facial pigmentation in India. It is exceptionally normal in ladies and is additionally found in a few men. The pigmentation is hard to treat and extremely baffling for individuals who experience the ill effects of it. Numerous ladies quit mingling and go into a shell as they lose their certainty because of this pigmentation. Here, we take a gander at the purposes for melasma, what one can do to anticipate it and furthermore the conceivable treatment choices.



Causes of Melasma

UV light: This pigmentation is light sensitive and UV exposure plays a significant role in causing the pigmentation.


This is very common in women during periods of hormonal changes especially pregnancy. Women who are on hormone tablets like the contraceptive pill or hormone replacement after menopause are also prone to develop this pigmentation.



Diet: Sometimes a low level of vitamin D or zinc may predispose one to get this pigmentation.

Genes: If the mother suffers from this form of pigmentation, it increases the daughter’s chances of pigmentation.

Prevention for Melasma

One can reduce the chances of getting melasma by following these precautions:

Sunscreen use:

As UV exposure is an important factor in causing melasma, it follows that using a sunscreen regularly may help prevent it. At the very minimum, it will reduce the spread of the pigmentation and make it less dark and deep. It is advisable that all of us should use a sunscreen of SPF 30 or more 15-20 minutes before stepping out. In the event that staying outside for delayed periods, at that point, it is prudent to reapply the sunscreen each 2-3 hours. This turns out to be considerably more vital amid pregnancy and particularly if your mom has melasma.



Maintain a strategic distance from Hormone supplements:

If you have a high danger of melasma or as of now have some facial pigmentation, this ought to be considered before beginning the pill. Converse with your gynecologist and search for an option prophylactic.


A diet which is rich in anti-oxidants (all your brightly colored fruits and vegetables) helps maintain the health of your skin and reduce pigmentation.

Early check:

If you do develop some pigmentation, it is advisable to see your doctor at the earliest. The doctor may recommend some blood tests like the test for thyroid function. If this is the problem, then early treatment may help minimise the pigmentation.

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