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Look Beautiful This Monsoon With These Following Tips!!!

As we all do change in our wardrobe during monsoon, our hairstyle and makeup style also need a change during this season. Makeup professional Nishi Mulchandani says, “To make your makeup stay on for long during the rains, you need to change some products and routine to suit the climate.”

Look Beautiful This Monsoon

Ditch That Black Kohl

While smudged eyes do look great, you don’t want to end up looking as if you’ve cried the entire day! Opt for a gel eyeliner instead. Not only will it stay on for long, but will also give you the same color depth and intensity.


Look Beautiful This Monsoon

Keep The Liquid Foundation Off The Shelf

If you love to apply liquid foundation when going out during the evening, you can switch to a compact powder or a BB cream. Beauty professional Meghna Butani says, “The longevity of liquid foundation, as opposed to a compact powder is less. Humidity in the air is high during the monsoon, so there is a chance of the liquid foundation melting off your face.

Look Beautiful This Monsoon

Stay clear off non-waterproof makeup products

Make sure that you give your non-waterproof makeup a break during this time and instead go in for the ones which will protect you from the rains. Butani says, “These days you have all kinds of products which are water-proof – whether it is a kohl, mascara, foundation or even a lip shade.”

Look Beautiful This Monsoon

Say no to creamy concealer

The moisture in the air during this season is often paired with the sweat-inducing effect of the humid weather. So, unless you want the imperfections on your skin to show, stay away from creamy concealers which have the tendency to melt off your face during this time. You can choose from a wide range of crayon concealers which are a great alternative to their creamy counterparts.

Look Beautiful This Monsoon

Give your lip gloss a break

It’s not just the skin, your lips also tend to get dry during the rains and thus it isn’t a great idea to go in for a lip gloss. Mulchandani says, “Instead choose lip shades which have extra moisture in them so that they last for a long time.”

Look Beautiful This Monsoon

Don’t straighten/rebond your hair

It isn’t restricted to makeup alone. Humidity also has the power to make your hair greasy and frizzy, giving you bad hair days. Beautician Sunaina Singh Verma says, “This is not the right time to go in for hair treatments like straightening or rebonding. Initially, your hair may look good, but after a couple of washes, it can get messy. Instead, hair smoothening or spa treatments may make your mane look sleek and shiny”

Look Beautiful This Monsoon
So, enjoy the rain responsibly with your loved ones and Stay beautiful this monsoon.
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