“You reflect what you eat” - TWEET YOUR SKIN HEALTH!

“You reflect what you eat” – TWEET YOUR SKIN HEALTH!

you reflect what you eat

Do you know, that the more you seem to indulge in something you think you like, is just a reason to escape the things you seem to really love? Judgements cost nothing but a road to your destination, judge right!

Choose your wise words and wiser thoughts!

  • Looks like this new bee has not only won our hearts through talent and down to earth attitude but to do with charm too. She brings in an aura of fabulous energy on sets and off sets. What is Sara’s most innate skin bound regime?

4) Laughter is the best medicine and here is a small take away thtat will leave your skin super supple and nourished with just this simple recipe. Pull it off after work hours and this will help you settle most of the issues related to your skin!

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